What to expect as travel restrictions are lifted at Marriot hotel and resorts

Luxury travel agents are reporting that travel restrictions have been lifted at some of the country’s most popular hotels and resorts.In a statement issued Thursday, Marriott said it had “all but eliminated all travel restrictions” at its Marriot International Hotel and Resort, which houses the Hyatt Regency.Marriott said it has now “allayed some travel restrictions […]

What to know about the military travel ban

Military travel is now banned to certain countries.The US military, including the US Marine Corps, is currently not allowed to fly to the UK.The military has also been barred from visiting other countries.It is unclear if the ban will extend to other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.The travel ban will affect people […]


The federal government on Friday proposed new rules that would allow people to travel to the US for the first time in nearly 30 years without a visa.The changes would require travelers to show they are a “high-risk” individual who poses a “serious threat” to national security, and would allow them to cross the border […]

How to buy a holiday: The travel season

The travel seasons are almost here.The season for holiday makers is here, and if you want to get out and enjoy them, you’ll need to plan accordingly.Here are the best ways to travel and the best places to book.1.Go to a holiday destination, and buy your ticket firstWhen it comes to holiday shopping, it’s easy […]

Who is Alaska’s biggest travel threat?

Alaska has become a top destination for travelers because of the cold winters, cold temperatures, and frequent snowstorms.In a study published in The Sport Biblical, travel experts say the state has the biggest travel threats to the health of the health care system, as well as a high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases.The study, published […]

Hawaiians are more likely to have foreign travel restrictions than the U.S.

The Hawaii Travel Advisory was introduced by the governor on Tuesday and outlines specific travel restrictions and advisories that apply to visitors to the state.The governor’s executive order sets the following limits:Visitors can’t board a plane or train in Hawai’i until July 31, 2019, and no longer than six months before their first flight or […]

How to save money on hotel travel in 2018

Traveling to places like Las Vegas or New Orleans is cheap and fun.But the price tag for a hotel room in the Big Easy is more than $50,000.So what are some of the best ways to save even more?1.Get a free hotel room: There are many hotels within walking distance of many of the Big […]

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