The Best Places to Visit in Florida

Flushing Beach: The largest beach in New York state, it’s also the birthplace of two of its most beloved characters: the Flushing Gang, the neighborhood’s most notorious criminal group, and its former mayor, who’s now a major political player.It’s the epicenter of New York City’s New York Mafia and the birthplace and home of The […]

LANCE travel trailers (2018) is up to $2.2M in new tokens

LANCE Travel trailers (LTR) was launched in October 2017 with the objective of providing travel trailers for leisure and business travelers, as well as providing hospitality, retail and retail-like services to guests.In 2017, the LTRs revenue increased from $2,974,842 to $3,929,738.In 2018, the company saw revenue increase to $4,988,944.Lance Travel trailers have been offering travel […]

Which travel products can I buy to stay safe on the road?

I was a bit confused about which travel products to buy for my trip to New Zealand.I’m usually not a fan of travel coffee muffs, especially ones that are a bit heavy on the caffeine.But I really wanted to get a good cup of coffee with my new home country of Canada.Luckily, I found a […]

Travel restrictions: NY will ban all electronic devices from buses, subway cars and trains starting January 3

New York City has banned all electronic device use from its buses and subway cars for the next 24 hours.The ban will begin on January 3, meaning anyone caught in the act of using any electronic device will face a $25 ticket.The new restrictions are the result of an ongoing federal investigation into the use […]

When is Kauai Travel Restrictions Effective?

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination.Many people travel there every year to see the beautiful sights, but the restrictions are becoming increasingly strict.Here are the current restrictions.Hawaii Restrictions on the Web Hawaii has restrictions on the internet.The government has not yet released any information about the scope of the restrictions, but there are a few […]

What You Need to Know About the Florida Travel Ban and Florida Travel Advisory

Travelers who are affected by the Florida travel ban are encouraged to visit our Florida Travel Bulletin and Florida travel advisory pages to stay up to date on the latest travel news.In addition, travelers are encouraged the use of our Florida travel guides and guides for travelers to stay connected.

How to survive Hurricane Florence, the new coronavirus threat, and more

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new tropical storm threat, the coronaviruses that are making people sick and the coronavetas that are coming out of the U.S. that are hitting the states with a vengeance.So now, we’re getting some of the first indications of what the coronaves are doing to us.The latest from CBS […]

Indian airline delays flights to India over the virus

India is still struggling to recover from the deadly coronavirus, as airline carriers have been slow to ramp up service to the country and thousands of passengers have been stuck at home due to the virus.Passengers were stuck at their hotels, sleeping on couches or sleeping on streets, as passengers waited for flights to be […]

How to buy a new home in the Dominican Republic

Travelers in the Caribbean island nation of Dominica have been advised to avoid a growing number of restrictions imposed by President Mauricio Macri and his predecessor Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, as part of a clampdown on tourism in the country.The country is under pressure to meet international guidelines for the safety of tourists and people […]

What you need to know about Spain’s upcoming Euro 2016 campaign

As the summer draw near, the latest news in the football world is out there, and it’s all the more surprising that it’s taken so long for it to reach the headlines.Here are the things we’re waiting to hear: 1.The UEFA Champions League draw, the big one.This will be the first chance for the two […]

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