How to get around the travel restrictions for Japanese tourists after the US travel ban

A few weeks after President Donald Trump signed an executive order to impose a temporary ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, Japan and the US are still not fully on the same page on what the US can and can’t do.The Japanese government said last week it was considering banning all US citizens from […]

How to book flights in and out of Chicago, Illinois after the US Travel Ban

The United States has banned passengers from seven countries and restricted travel from five more in response to the Paris attacks.Here’s what you need to know about the ban.Read MoreFirst-Class passengers from the countries affected by the travel ban are: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria.They will be affected by a second-class system, which […]

When will Canada’s ban on bunkhouse travel begin?

In the past few weeks, Canada has taken the unprecedented step of banning all outdoor recreational activities for public health reasons, including those that are not covered by provincial or federal regulations.But that hasn’t stopped Canadians from going outside to enjoy the outdoors.The restrictions, which are set to expire next year, include bunkhouses, cabins, and […]

How to avoid getting arrested for leaving a public restroom in Puerto Rico

What if you just want to take a quick dip in the water?Puerto Rico’s government says it’s not for everyone.But for some visitors, there are certain rules to follow. Some people don’t want to use public restrooms.Others don’t feel safe using them at all.The government is cracking down on those who don’t follow the rules, which […]

Which travel jewelry cases are worth buying?

The new trend of carrying an electronic travel companion can get expensive quickly, especially when traveling in a crowded city.Case prices can soar up to $300,000.But now you can buy a travel jewelry case from some of the most popular brands.Here are the top picks, sorted by cost.The Zirconia Traveler Case is a travel accessory […]

How India is making its travel restrictions more strict

Indian tourists are being banned from travelling to some destinations in the country after a series of terrorist attacks.The country has issued travel restrictions to travellers from some major cities and several other cities have been placed on a “restricted” list.There are also restrictions in some of the main Indian tourist destinations, such as Guwahati, […]

How to drive a Toyota Corolla: a manual transmission

A manual transmission is the most popular mode of transportation in India and, despite the fact that it is much cheaper, has a reputation for being slow and prone to overheating.The problem, as with any manual transmission, is that you will get into a lot of trouble when you try to drive it in a […]

‘We’re not taking any chances’: How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is handling the Ebola outbreak

The Centers for Diseases Control and Protection is taking all necessary steps to respond to an Ebola outbreak in the United States, the agency said Monday.The agency said it is planning to quarantine all of its employees and contractors in the US.Agency officials told CBS News that they have not yet issued a travel alert […]

When you’re stranded, get ready for some travel restrictions in Arizona

Travel restrictions have been in place for the better part of a year in Arizona, the US’ second-largest state, but the state’s legislature has been moving ahead with its plan to make travel and lodging in the state less convenient and restrictive.In a new move, the state Senate has voted to approve a bill that […]

When Marriott Travel Agents open in Marriotts’ new hotel

Now Playing: Marriott to open a hotel in the heart of Marriottts old office blockNow Playing: Marriot Tastes Like A Marriot, but With Less Luxury Now Playing … and More MarriotTastesLikeAMarriotNow Playing …Marriot’s new hotel opens in Marrriotts old officesNow Playing Marriot says it’s ready for the next stage in its turnaroundNow Playing Marriott to […]

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