Which player will have the best season? – F.C. Milan

F. C. Milan, the Serie A champions, are set to sign a star striker.A.S. Roma, the champions of the Champions League, have the player in their sights.They want to sell him to a big club, which would put a price tag of €50m and allow them to have more control over their star striker, according […]

Tourists’ travel restrictions are causing an epidemic in Mexico

Travel restrictions have caused a wave of travel cancellations in Mexico, and the country’s tourism industry is struggling to recover.At least 4,000 tourists are being prevented from visiting Mexico City, according to the National Commission for Tourism.That number is higher than the number of cancellations from a similar wave in May.In a statement, Mexico City […]

When will my travel agency cover me if I get sick?

Travel nurses have been working overtime in the travel industry to protect their employers’ financial interests, and now they are facing some of the same health concerns they’ve faced for years.Travelers can’t afford to take any more time off work due to a combination of work-related illness and financial insecurity, says travel blogger Shannon MacDougall.When […]

How to book your UK flights, hotel accommodation, and more

Travel and hotel booking is becoming more difficult as new airlines start offering more flexible booking options.That means you need to think twice about booking your next trip, even if you don’t want to pay the extra for a second leg of the journey.Here’s everything you need know to know about UK travel and accommodation.If […]

How to travel to NJ for dog travel

The US is still reeling from the death of a pet owner who was shot and killed in a traffic accident in Jersey City, New Jersey.The New York Times reports that 50-year-old David Zollich was killed when a car struck him at an intersection in the early hours of Sunday morning.The Times reports the driver […]

How I learned about Ireland travel ban

Posted March 02, 2019 08:00:54I’m here in Dublin, Ireland to attend the first ever Ireland Travel Nursing Agency Open House. The event was hosted by the Association of Irish Travel Nursing and is being held at the Hotel National on April 19.The event is open to the public and attendees are welcome to bring their own […]

Canadians traveling to Canada will have to leave the country’s travel restrictions

CANADA, CANADA — Canada’s travel restriction system is a bit complicated, but it’s not the most complicated one in the world.A government report released Wednesday shows that the system is in many ways the most advanced of its kind, with strict new rules governing when people can travel, how they can pay and where they […]

How to make the perfect trip to India

India has a reputation for being a place where everything is handmade and the world is a far away place.But for visitors to the country, a journey into the world of fashion can be just as magical as a trip into the country.The country has been known for its high-end fashion, and it’s no surprise […]

When the military suspends military travel to PH, travelers can’t come back

PHILADELPHIA—The military’s suspension of military travel into the Philippines is expected to affect a number of industries and travel options, as the country looks to the next stage of its economic recovery.The suspension of commercial air travel between the two countries is expected in the coming days, but the military’s decision comes a day after […]

How to get around in the UK if you are travelling to Spain

U.K. travelers who want to visit Spain on a vacation or business trip will be able to do so if the government changes the travel restrictions.But that means many of the same people and businesses will be forced to leave the country.Here are some key things to know.1.The U.S. can still visit Spain, but only […]

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