How to get your kids on vacation in 2018

The travel channel is getting into the holiday spirit, with the release of their 2018 schedule.The schedule, which is available to watch below, features some of the best deals around, including the Holiday Vacation.For the full schedule, click here.The channel is also kicking off their first ever holiday season, when they’ll have two new holiday […]

‘One Step Closer to Home’ – ‘One Year Later’: How the Twin Cities Got the Best Out of Travelers in ‘One’

The Twin Cities is one of the most expensive places to live in the country, but it’s not as expensive as some other cities in the Midwest.In a new report from TSC Advisors, the company compared travel expenses in 20 U.S. cities with an average annual income of $49,500.It found that Twin Cities residents paid […]

The Travel Man, who is a travel expert, has been caught in the middle of an international hotel dispute

Travelman Richard Grieve is a seasoned traveller.He has flown across Europe, back to the US, and even to South America.But when he was asked to write a blog about hotel deals for a travel site called Travel Man , he was surprised to find that a major hotel chain was suing him.The hotel chain, JCB […]

How to get to and from Europe without being a refugee

NEW YORK – European travel rules are being challenged by an increasing number of U.S. travelers who say they need to travel to the U.K. to visit family or to visit friends.A group of nearly 100 people who live in New York City filed a lawsuit on Monday against the U to block the U-K.from […]

How to book a flight to the moon with a little travel info

A little travel and you can save money on airfare.Travel companies, like the ones listed below, can help you book flights to the Moon and beyond.They’re also a great way to save money, too.1.Orbitz, which specializes in moon trips, offers discounted rates on the moon package, and offers discounts on many of the packages listed […]

How to avoid being detained by Greece on a plane

It’s been a tough few weeks for passengers trying to get to their destinations around Europe.The European Union (EU) announced it would tighten travel restrictions for citizens of Georgia and Armenia on February 1st.Travel restrictions were extended to Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.Georgia, meanwhile, will be barred from joining the EU until December […]

How to sell online travel agents and travel agencies

Online travel agents are growing rapidly in the U.S. and around the world.They’re used by thousands of travelers, and are increasingly being used by the very large travel companies that rely on them.But they’re also becoming an increasingly popular source of abuse, and some travel agents may be turning to social engineering to get their […]

CA travel restrictions: ‘It’s all about the money’

The National Capital Planning Agency (NCPOA) says that the California Travel Restrictions (CTR) will go into effect on Thursday, October 7th.The new rules are meant to protect public health, while keeping the public safe.The rules will require travellers to take a pre-planned pre-flight checklist and ensure they’re taking their medications correctly.They will also make sure […]

Why the California travel mug fiasco is getting even worse

The latest from California.Read More The latest from the state is a flurry of travel mug laws passed by the legislature that were supposed to be intended to deter muggers, but they actually serve to discourage travel by those who need to travel the most.This isn’t the first time that California has enacted travel mug […]

Alaska travel restrictions are lifted, tourist stock is up, airline stocks are up

ALASKA — The U.S. travel restrictions on Alaska’s northern shores were lifted Monday, bringing the total number of U.M. flights to Alaska back to a pre-travel peak of more than 1,400 in July.The Associated Press reported that flights from Anchorage to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage and Anchorage to Anchorage were up to 1,900 on Sunday, […]

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