How to get to Vegas from Denver

Colorado travel blogger Jason Gaddis has some tips for getting from Denver to Vegas in one day.Gaddis, who has spent the last decade working for a travel website, is a Denver native and lives in Las Vegas.In 2016, he and his wife started a company called The Travel Bureau that focuses on travel from Denver.The […]

What you need to know about the New York City travel restrictions

NY: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that the city will be limiting all travelers to New York state on the first Sunday of September.The new restrictions will take effect at midnight on Monday.Cuomo also announced that he would be holding a national emergency summit on September 22.Travel to New Jersey will be […]

How much a nurse can make as a travel nurse

The American Nurses Association estimates a nurse’s salary as a minimum of $69,000 a year, or $34,000 more than the national average.However, the organization says it doesn’t break out a nurse salary by location.Travel nurses are paid more than a physician assistant, registered nurse, nurse practitioner and advanced practice nurse.They also earn more than many […]

How to get a travel credit card, and why it’s a great idea

Recode’s Andrew Kaczynski takes a look at what you need to know about credit cards and how to apply for them.Read More and offers a few tips for getting the best deal.But if you’re not looking to spend money at a major airport, you could still benefit from a travel card.A few major airlines have […]

Israel suspends travel restrictions for Palestinians after Palestinian suicide bombing

A Palestinian suicide bomber on Wednesday detonated his explosives-laden vehicle near a settlement in the West Bank, wounding at least five people and killing one Israeli, officials said.The attack took place near the Israeli settlement of Duma, in an area the Israeli military says houses illegal Israeli settlements.It was the third suicide attack by Palestinians […]

When the sun rises again, it’s time for a new look

A new look is coming.The skies are dark.The clouds are thick.The air is crisp and crisp.But we are still in the throes of winter.And when the sun goes down, so will the sun.That’s the reason why we are planning to start winter in 2019, a day earlier than normal, and in a warmer climate than […]

A new travel insurance plan could help you pay for air travel

A new policy offered by Travelers Insured in California could help ease some of the travel restrictions in California.The policy offers coverage for up to $200,000 for air and ground travel, as well as for airfare and hotel stays.“There’s a huge risk of people getting lost and things like that,” said Sarah Haines, a spokesperson […]

How to avoid flying out of Maui with the Maui Air Travel Restrictions

Travelers in Maui, Hawaii and the surrounding areas can now avoid flights out of Honolulu and other Hawaiian cities with restrictions on flights and landings.The changes came into effect Saturday, March 1, but those in Maua and the area can still get around the restrictions on Friday.For those who have already departed Maui for a […]

When you want to be sure your hotel room is the most convenient place to stay online, the best online travel agent

Travel deals, online travel agents, and travel pillow: What you need to know about the best travel agents.Read More , it’s the safest way to get online travel deals.It will give you access to the most popular deals, which will often include discounts on hotels and travel packages, or other discounts and deals, when you […]

Which destinations are getting extra security checkpoints?

C-3, a global travel advisory firm, said on Monday that it had issued a travel alert for Nevada and Georgia following recent terrorist attacks in the United States.The alert said that the two states were “at heightened risk” of terrorism.C–3 said it was also “receiving reports of increased domestic travel.”The travel advisory for Nevada is […]

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