When you’re traveling abroad, be aware of the travel restrictions you’re under.

It’s possible to book a hotel room for less than you’d normally pay, for example.

And if you’re caught out by the fact that a certain city is closed, you could find yourself stranded there.

So before you head to a new city or get on a plane, we recommend getting a quick itinerary of what you might want to do. 1.

Find a way to get to a hotel before you fly.

In a few weeks, you might be able to find a hotel near you that you can stay at.

Check the hotel’s website, or call ahead and ask for a room on the hotel app.

And keep in mind that there’s no guarantee you’ll get a room.

So be sure to ask for the room at least 30 minutes before your flight.

If you can’t get a hotel, you can usually book a room for under $100 a night.


Buy your own tickets.

The travel agency will generally send you an email when you book your ticket, and will send you the hotel reservation.

That email is called the “pre-booking confirmation email.”

This email will be sent to you with a hotel reservation number.

This is the email that you will receive when you check in with the hotel.


Check in and book your hotel room before your trip.

You’ll need to print a reservation for your hotel.

This can be done online or by phone.

You can also use a hotel app or by calling the hotel directly.


Book your flight online.

It may be cheaper to book the hotel room in person, if possible.

The online booking system is much more secure than it used to be, but you’ll want to use it.

There are some websites that will also help you book a flight for you.

If it’s cheaper than booking through an agent, you may want to book your flight via an online reservation.

This will allow you to make the flight with a credit card or cash.

Booking an online flight is also a better option if you want to fly with someone else, as you won’t be able do the same travel expenses you’d otherwise have to pay.


Check your reservation and confirm the hotel on arrival.

If the hotel has already confirmed that you’ll be staying there, it’s a good idea to check your reservation to make sure it’s correct.


Use your hotel’s app.

The hotel app lets you check your hotel booking and confirm that it’s legit.


Take a photo of your reservation.

You’re likely going to be using the app to check in, but it’s best to take a photo and put it on your phone or tablet to share with others.


Upload the photo to your Facebook or Instagram account.

If this is the first time you’ve done this, you should be posting the photo on Facebook and Instagram to let others know you made a reservation.

If people are sharing your photo on social media, it can help you get noticed and help you earn some points.


Check out the website and get the reservation confirmation email.

This email is sent when you print your reservation for the hotel, so you’ll likely have to wait for it to arrive before you can print it.

It will give you a hotel number.

It can also let you know when you can book a seat for your flight, and give you some information about the airline.


Pay your hotel bill online.

When you get a check-in confirmation email, your hotel will send the payment to your bank account, which will allow your hotel to credit the payment against your reservation, which means it can cover any other hotel stays you might have made for that night.

You may also need to pay the bill in person at the hotel you booked for.