Colorado travel blogger Jason Gaddis has some tips for getting from Denver to Vegas in one day.

Gaddis, who has spent the last decade working for a travel website, is a Denver native and lives in Las Vegas.

In 2016, he and his wife started a company called The Travel Bureau that focuses on travel from Denver.

The Travel Bureau was founded in 2005 and was a one-stop shop for travel information and recommendations.

It now serves more than 500,000 travelers each month and has more than 1 million visitors each month.

It’s important to note that the company is still owned by Gaddi, who owns his own company, Gaddus Travel Group.

Gadgets for travelGaddi has posted a number of gadgets to show you how to get from Denver and Las Vegas, but there are a few that he doesn’t own, so if you want to get some tips on how to travel, he recommends a couple of different items.

Gadsden has been around a while, so Gaddins advice is applicable everywhere in the state, but he recommends the following:• Get a GPS device like the Garmin GPS or Garmin Flex.

These devices have GPS capabilities and are great for getting you around cities.

You can get one from Amazon or Google.

The Garmin Flex has a $79 price tag and is compatible with the Apple iPhone.

The Garmin Flex also has GPS capability and can be found for $99.

Gadaver’s RV Park is a great place to buy a GPS unit, but if you can’t get one at the store, you can go to a hardware store and pick one up.

You might be able to find a GPS receiver at some electronics stores.GADGETS TO GET YOU FROM DALLAS TO VEGAS:The Gaddias RV Park has a lot of great deals, but Gaddies best recommendation is to pick up a Garmin Flex or Garmin GPS unit and have it installed on your RV.

They also offer a Garmin GPS and a Garmin Pro for $59.

The GPS units come with a free 3-month trial and have a rechargeable battery.

You should also know that you can rent a car for a couple bucks.GADDIS TRADITIONS:• Check out the best gas stations in Colorado.

Check out for some great gas stations and discounts.• Visit and get tips on where to park your RV and where to put your camping gear.• If you are in Colorado Springs, head to Gasparks on the main strip.

You’ll see some great places to go for a meal.

You may even want to check out Gasparings BBQ.• Go to the Best Western Casino in Colorado and get your ticket.• Get your driver’s license, but make sure you get it from a state agency.

You could use your state ID number.

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