Travel restrictions are being imposed in Europe after a deadly terror attack in France on Saturday that left 130 people dead.

The French authorities have cancelled train travel for most tourists and those with a ticket for a short period and the country has suspended flights.

What you need to know about travel restrictions in France:What to do if you need more information on travel restrictions:What you can do if travel restrictions are in place in your area:The BBC’s James Bresnahan in Paris reports that travel restrictions will also be in place across Europe on Monday.

He says some airlines have announced plans to suspend flights from the UK.

However, we have a list of all the airlines that will have flights cancelled in France.

France has been hit by a wave of attacks, including a series of suicide bombings in the Paris area that killed 130 people.

There have been many arrests in France, including several in the capital, Paris.

The attacks were the worst in France since World War Two.

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