won a $25 million competition on the travel advisory industry advisory board this year.

The winning company was Amazon Travel Advisory, a travel advisory group based in Santa Clara, Calif.

Amazon won $25.5 million in a $1 million investment.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The advisory board members were chosen by a panel of more than 100 industry professionals, including travel bloggers and bloggers who wrote about the advisory industry.

The committee also included several experts from major travel publishers, including the Washington Post, The Economist, Lonely Planet and Travel + Leisure.

The prize was the largest Amazon-sponsored travel advisory prize in history.

Amazon is the largest travel company in the world, with an estimated 1.6 billion customers, according to Forbes.

The company has been making changes to its travel services since the election of President Donald Trump.

Earlier this year, it started offering cheaper, one-day tickets to the United States.

And earlier this year it removed the option to book a first-class ticket on Amazon’s own website, a move that some critics called a retreat from a traditional booking model.

The move to more aggressively target customers is part of Amazon’s effort to diversify its product offerings, but critics say it’s also part of a larger effort to try to control customer reviews.

The committee that won the prize included prominent travel bloggers, including James R. Miller, who runs the blog Travel +Leisure.

He was on the advisory panel that won a 2015 prize in travel advisory consulting.

Miller told The Wall St. Journal that Amazon should have been the first choice.

He said Amazon was “the only one who could get away with it.”

In a statement, Amazon said:The Amazon Travel Advisor Group is an independent advisory board for the travel industry, dedicated to creating a diverse advisory group that delivers the highest level of expertise to clients and their travel decisions.

It serves clients in every sector of the travel business, including bookings, travel events, travel advisory, online travel and travel marketing.