The new trend of carrying an electronic travel companion can get expensive quickly, especially when traveling in a crowded city.

Case prices can soar up to $300,000.

But now you can buy a travel jewelry case from some of the most popular brands.

Here are the top picks, sorted by cost.

The Zirconia Traveler Case is a travel accessory that’s perfect for any traveler who’s interested in bringing some electronic gadgetry to the airport.

The case, made of Zircons, is made of two separate layers, with a metal plate in the middle that slides back and forth to allow the case to slide on and off of your wrist.

It also comes with a micro-USB cable, so you can connect it to your smartphone or computer.

The Case is priced at $200 at Walmart and $300 at Amazon.

The ZirConia Travelers case has an added price tag of $50.

Zirconic’s travel jewelry is made by a team of jewelry designers in California and Taiwan.

The case is designed for women who like to wear a bit of a trendier look.

It features a mesh-covered bracelet, which is secured with a leather strap.

The straps are also padded, which makes them comfortable to wear.

Zirco has said that the case is also made of an anti-fog material.

The TravelerCase is one of the best travel jewelry for those who want a stylish accessory but don’t want to shell out the cash for a fancy case.

It is also one of our favorite travel jewelry options, as it’s a good option for the price.