Travel restrictions have been in place for the better part of a year in Arizona, the US’ second-largest state, but the state’s legislature has been moving ahead with its plan to make travel and lodging in the state less convenient and restrictive.

In a new move, the state Senate has voted to approve a bill that would ban some types of outdoor shopping, restrict the ability to get medical care, and restrict the availability of medical services. 

The bill would also prohibit the state from approving a new medical marijuana dispensary, a move the Arizona Medical Association has said would prevent the state of Arizona from being the first in the country to do so. 

With the state set to pass a new budget this week, the governor and lawmakers have now come together to pass the legislation in order to keep the state afloat. 

“The state is already facing severe financial challenges, which have forced it to take bold measures to shore up the state,” Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said in a statement.

“We can’t do that in an environment where the American people continue to suffer, and we cannot do that while millions of Americans are being left behind.” 

The legislation would also require all of the state agencies and agencies of the federal government to establish an “exemption program” for non-essential employees to be allowed to keep their jobs and benefits, and to keep health insurance and other benefits for all state employees. 

If passed, the bill would have a significant impact on Arizona’s economy, and would be the second most restrictive law in the nation. 

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona filed a lawsuit against Arizona in federal court, asking the court to block the bill. 

According to the ACLU, the legislation would mean that Arizona would be among the states that do not allow businesses to open up their doors to people with medical conditions. 

There are already restrictions in place that could restrict people from buying and using certain types of medical products and services, including vaccines and certain prescription drugs. 

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Arizona’s bill is not the first time Arizona has passed a cannabis law that is set to be the most restrictive in the US.

In 2018, Arizona passed a bill banning dispensaries, limiting the amount of recreational marijuana that could be sold and limiting the number of flowering marijuana plants allowed in retail stores. 

This year, the legislature passed a measure that would allow only 10 ounces of recreational pot a person can possess, limit marijuana sales to 30 grams per person, and ban the possession of up to three grams of marijuana. 

Arizona also passed a law that requires businesses to keep a “cooling off period” between sales of marijuana, after which they would have to notify the state if their sales increase over time. 

However, Arizona is one of just a handful of states that has passed laws that have not been challenged in court, and there are currently no state laws in place in California that would make it illegal to smoke marijuana on public property. 

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