As the summer draw near, the latest news in the football world is out there, and it’s all the more surprising that it’s taken so long for it to reach the headlines.

Here are the things we’re waiting to hear: 1.

The UEFA Champions League draw, the big one.

This will be the first chance for the two leading European sides to compete in Europe’s premier club competition, with both Sevilla and Barcelona set to play a game in Dublin this weekend.

Both Sevilla’s Sevilla vs. FC Barcelona, which took place in September, and Barcelona’s La Liga vs. Real Madrid will be played at the Allianz Stadium, with Sevilla hosting their first-ever Champions League final in 2021, while Barcelona will play in the same ground in 2022.

There’s no way to know which team will win the tournament, with the winner going into the final in May 2020.

But with both teams set to be in Dublin on Monday, it’ll be the biggest fixture of the year.

If they’re in, the draw will be announced as soon as the result of the match is announced.


The Europa League and UEFA Super Cup.

This one is the least talked about, and is something that’s been discussed for quite some time.

But it’s still a matter of when.

As UEFA’s executive committee announced this week, the clubs have until April 23 to decide whether they want to compete for the Europa League.

Should they make the final, they’ll enter the competition as the runners-up and play in their first ever European final.

If not, they will be eliminated from the competition, and the other team will be allowed to continue playing in the competition.

It’s up to the other clubs to decide how they’ll proceed.


The Spanish Super Cup and Europa League draw.

While this one isn’t officially up for grabs, it’s always worth mentioning that it could happen.

Spain will host both competitions at the same time, with a friendly between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid in October, as well as a clash between Atlétic and Valencia in the second leg of the final.

It would also be the last game of the tournament between the two leagues, as Real Madrid are expected to exit the tournament.

The draw is expected to be announced in the coming days, and both clubs are expected the draw to take place at the beginning of April.


The final of the Europa Cup.

While it’s likely the final will take place on April 22, there’s no guarantee.

Sevilla are currently playing in a friendly against Galatasaray in Istanbul, while Barca will play their first home game against Sevilla at the Estadio Maracana in Madrid on April 25.


The Champions League knockout phase.

Sevillas boss Ernesto Valverde is currently looking forward to his side’s opening game in Europe against Manchester United at the Santiago Bernabéu on April 26.

They’ll then go into the semi-finals, with United, who have a lot to play for, looking like favourites for a second straight year.

The match will be one of the most hotly contested in Europe, with Barcelona being in the mix for a return to the finals, and Sevilla favourites for both.


The last of the Super Cup, which takes place in February 2019.

The tie-up between Sevilla versus Barcelona is set to start in Madrid, with an extra round scheduled for the Catalan capital, on March 5.

Seville are also expected to play Barcelona in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, meaning they’ll be able to host both sides in the last 16.


The Copa del Rey final.

With Sevilla set to host Real Madrid in Madrid for the first time in 20 years, there will be a Copa Del Rey final in Madrid this weekend, with Barça set to win the title in a dramatic tie-breaker.

With Madrid leading 1-0 at half-time, Sevilla have already secured the title, and will be looking to extend their lead to 3-0 when they take on Real in the final of their competition.


The quarter-final of the Copa Sudamericana.

Sevillos coach Valverda has confirmed that he will be taking the final against Real Madrid at the Camp Nou on May 7.

It’ll be one that will determine which side advances to the knockout phase of the competition in the Europa league, with Real Madrid needing to win to advance.


The semi-final, with two games to play.

With Real Madrid set to lose both games in the first leg of their Champions League semi-Final, the semi will be held in Valencia on June 3.

Both sides will be facing each other in the semi final, with Athletic Bilbao hosting Barcelona in a 1-1 draw in November, while Atletico Madrid will host Real in a 3-1 win at the Bernabeu on May 25. 10. The