Passengers can pass on security checks in case of major emergencies.

But, it’s a rare occurrence.

And while the TSA has been cracking down on the number of passengers with extra checks, the agency has never had a plan to help travelers pass on those extra screenings.

“The number of times we’ve heard of people needing to pass security is really very few, maybe one or two,” says TSA administrator Michele Cote, who oversaw the agency’s enforcement of the travel ban during her tenure as the agency director.

The TSA’s first requirement for passengers with nonessential travel is to check their passport.

It is not required for passengers who do not have a valid passport.

The agency says it only allows a passenger to leave the United States with a valid US passport, passport in hand.

“Passengers who are unable to pass the passport inspection on their own can be held for further examination by an immigration officer.

The officer will determine whether the passenger has a valid immigration status and whether they have an imminent threat to the safety and security of the United