India is still struggling to recover from the deadly coronavirus, as airline carriers have been slow to ramp up service to the country and thousands of passengers have been stuck at home due to the virus.

Passengers were stuck at their hotels, sleeping on couches or sleeping on streets, as passengers waited for flights to be rescheduled.

On Tuesday, Indian Airlines announced that it had cancelled all domestic and international flights to and from India on Monday, citing “a growing number of passengers in India due to coronaviruses”.

The airline also said it would start serving flights from Kathmandu on Wednesday.

“We are working hard to reschedule flights in a timely manner,” the airline said in a statement.

Passenger-rights activists, who say airlines are failing to ensure their passengers are adequately protected, have criticised the government for failing to implement mandatory health checks.

The government has said it will do more to protect passengers and have said airlines have to “take measures to safeguard their safety”.

The government last week banned flights from some airports in the country due to rising coronaviral cases.

The airline, however, said it had started serving flights to Kathmandur on Wednesday and will resume flights from that city on Thursday.

India has the world’s third-largest economy and its government is struggling to contain the spread of the virus, which has killed nearly 3,000 people and left 1.5 million ill.