What if you just want to take a quick dip in the water?

Puerto Rico’s government says it’s not for everyone.

But for some visitors, there are certain rules to follow. 

Some people don’t want to use public restrooms.

Others don’t feel safe using them at all.

The government is cracking down on those who don’t follow the rules, which can result in arrest.

In a series of videos posted on social media on Friday, authorities say they are trying to enforce the rules by shutting down public restrooms, putting a stop to water tours and banning certain groups.

But some tourists and even some public officials say the government’s actions aren’t going far enough. 

The government is also cracking down.

On Monday, the island’s governor issued a decree ordering that all public restrooms must be accessible.

But a number of other cities have taken action to protect their public restrooms from harassment.

On Thursday, authorities closed down one of the nation’s busiest tourist hotspots, the San Juan Municipal Water Park, because of the presence of people who refuse to use the restroom.