Travelers in Maui, Hawaii and the surrounding areas can now avoid flights out of Honolulu and other Hawaiian cities with restrictions on flights and landings.

The changes came into effect Saturday, March 1, but those in Maua and the area can still get around the restrictions on Friday.

For those who have already departed Maui for a trip or two in the next two weeks, you can continue to fly on the Mauio and Kalaeloa airlines as usual.

However, the Mauai Airports Authority said on its website that the restrictions are temporary and will only apply to a limited number of flights.

The Maui International Airport Authority said the restrictions include all scheduled departures from Hawaii and Maui in the coming week.

Those flights will be cancelled or delayed for the next several days.

In the meantime, there are several options for international travelers who plan to visit Maui this year.

The Mauai International Airport said the first international flights to Maui will be made this weekend, and that the airline is also planning to add a limited international flight to Mauia on Thursday, March 10.

Maui International has two terminals at Kahului International Airport and Kalahari International Airport, both located in the Kailua neighborhood of Honolulu.

Mauie has three terminals: Kahulu International Airport (main terminal), Kahuloa International Airport at Kahuli, and Kalapana International Airport.

Kahulu, which is near the Hawaiian mainland, and Kahuli are the main international hubs for flights between the United States and Hawaii.

Kalahari is the main airport for international arrivals to Maua.

The airport is located near the Mauie Visitor Center and the Kahuli International Airport is the primary international terminal.