The United Airlines subsidiary of Bombardier Inc. announced it is suspending all flights to Argentina, a move that comes a day after Bombardiers CEO, Edouard Debray, said he is considering selling his stake in the Canadian company.

The move follows months of criticism from Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who has demanded that the government crack down on Air Canada’s low-cost carriers.

Air Canada had planned to fly the entire country this summer, but postponed the flight to Buenos Aires after Argentina’s Air Force said a plane carrying American Airlines Flight 11 crashed in the city in the Argentine capital on Saturday.

Bombardir’s CEO, Alexandre Bonilla, said Thursday the airline has decided to halt all Air Canada flights to Buenos Aries.

He also said Air Canada will no longer fly to Buenos Ayres and the nearby city of Puebla, as well as other airports in the Buenos Aires area.

AirCanada has faced criticism from Macri for flying to the United States, despite the fact that the airline does not operate flights from its main hub in Toronto, the world’s biggest market for Canadian carriers.

Macri said in February that Air Canada would have to cut its flights to the U.S. if the U-S.

Air Force would not stop flying low-priced carriers.