PHILADELPHIA—The military’s suspension of military travel into the Philippines is expected to affect a number of industries and travel options, as the country looks to the next stage of its economic recovery.

The suspension of commercial air travel between the two countries is expected in the coming days, but the military’s decision comes a day after the government issued an executive order prohibiting commercial flights between the United States and the Philippines.

That order, which is set to expire at midnight on Thursday, states that commercial airlines may not fly into the country from U.S. cities, which are in a military zone, or from destinations in the Philippines, which were not included in the order.

The military has been conducting military exercises in the region since April.

The order does not address military travel by foreign nationals who are already in the U.M.S., and the military said that all foreign military service members, including those who are stationed overseas, will be subject to the ban.

“The government is still considering its position regarding travel to the Philippines by American citizens, but its stance will be guided by the national security interests of the country,” a statement from the government said.

“The decision will also be implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of the Philippines.”

“The military is suspending all military-related travel to and from the Philippines as a precautionary measure and is taking measures to prevent and deter potential threats to national security,” the statement continued.

“This includes the military suspending military-style exercises, travel restrictions and restrictions on military-owned or -operated property, and the suspension of all military personnel, including airmen and enlisted personnel, from coming to the country.”

The suspension was first reported by Philippine media, and many experts are predicting the ban will affect the tourism industry, which includes a large number of American visitors, as well as many Americans in the military.

But the Philippines military has not issued a statement regarding the order, and a spokesperson for the Philippine Armed Forces said it has not received any information from the United Nations or the U