India has ordered all its travel advisory agencies to conduct a thorough review of their security and privacy policies to address “the growing threat of terrorism”, a top US government official said on Friday.

The US Department of Homeland Security issued a travel advisory saying that in the wake of the November 16 attacks in Paris, India’s government had been under increased pressure to act.

It warned that there were “potential vulnerabilities” to India’s travel policies and said India must do more.

The department also said India should strengthen its “critical infrastructure” policies to prevent a repeat of the attacks.

The Indian government had announced earlier this month that it would be stepping up its security, warning that terrorists could use “sophisticated” techniques to exploit weaknesses in its infrastructure.

The travel advisory said India had the “best” information and infrastructure in the world, including its “unmatched ability to conduct extensive research and development”.

The government also said it would work with the US to improve India’s “strategic posture”.

The US has a large presence in India, including at the headquarters of the Indian army, its military intelligence service, and at the defence ministry’s Defence Research and Development Organisation.

In November, the US Treasury Department warned of the “potentially catastrophic” impact of attacks in the country and urged India to adopt a “more robust security strategy”.