Travelman Richard Grieve is a seasoned traveller.

He has flown across Europe, back to the US, and even to South America.

But when he was asked to write a blog about hotel deals for a travel site called Travel Man , he was surprised to find that a major hotel chain was suing him.

The hotel chain, JCB Hotels International, is seeking to force him to remove his travel blog post, claiming he was misleading consumers.

In a complaint filed in New York Supreme Court, the hotel chain argues that it “took every reasonable precaution” to prevent Grieve from writing the blog post.

The travel blog, published on December 31, 2017, was called Travelman’s Guide to Hotels, but Grieve’s first name was misspelled and the last three letters of his name were misspelled.

The complaint also says that the blog was created by Grieve in response to a story he had written about hotels in Argentina.

The lawsuit comes a week after a court ruled in favor of the hotel industry, ordering it to pay Grieve $25,000 in compensation.

“I have spent the last seven years as a travel writer writing for and about the travel industry,” Grieve told Reuters News.

“It was very important to me that my blog reflect the experiences and experiences of those who travel, and that it reflected what the industry thinks about hotels and how to make them as comfortable and affordable as possible.”

The hotel industry has also been hit with a series of lawsuits in the US since December, including one against Travel Man for $1 million, a lawsuit filed by the Association of Flight Attendants and Travelers, and a class action lawsuit filed against JCB by the Hotel Association.

Grieve said he was disappointed in the court’s ruling and he plans to appeal it.

“It was a little disappointing when I was contacted by JCB and they told me they weren’t going to go through with it because it was in breach of their terms of service,” Grief said.

“I had to go to a different website.”

“The hotels were unhappy with my writing.

It was really a waste of time, energy and effort.”

He is currently writing his second travel blog.

“The next one is a bit longer but the same basic points,” he said.