New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo (D) said on Tuesday that he’s ordering a “no-fly zone” to keep people from flying from New York to New Jersey, saying the move will keep people safe and avoid the chaos caused by the terrorist attack that took place last week.

Cuomo, speaking during a press conference at the Statehouse, said the no-fly zones would ensure the safety of New Yorkers in the event of a terrorist attack and he was ordering the State Police to prepare to use force to prevent any further terrorist attacks.

Cuomos order is a “direct response” to the terrorist attacks of New York and New Jersey last week, Cuomo said, adding that it’s the “last best chance” to prevent the “mass casualty” of an attack.

He also noted that his order, announced by Cuomo on Tuesday morning, was “the last best chance that we have.”

Cuomo said the move would be in response to the attacks, which he said had killed at least two people and injured hundreds more.

Cuoms executive order, which was signed Tuesday, is part of the State Department’s plan to reduce travel restrictions in the aftermath of the terrorist incidents.

It also extends the state’s existing travel restrictions to include nonessential workers, including construction workers, for 90 days and includes “emergency measures” for “people with special needs.”

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Twitter Tuesday that the city will “no longer allow people to go from one place to another for work, but will be prepared to do so for the safety and security of the city.”

“We will not allow anyone to fly from one city to another, and we will be vigilant to protect the people of New Jersey,” he tweeted.

De Blasio also tweeted that “we are not afraid” of terrorists and urged Americans to “follow the law and stay out of our own backyards.”

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie (R) also tweeted on Tuesday: “We will continue to support our allies and work with them to help stop the terrorists and their plans for chaos and devastation in New York, New Jersey and beyond.”

New Yorkers have been in a state of lockdown since the attacks on New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Cuos travel restrictions will affect travel in New Jersey to New York city, and to the rest of the country, but it’s unclear how long the no fly zone will last.

Cuomo said he would “continue to monitor developments on this matter,” according to a statement from his office.

The governor is also planning to travel to Philadelphia and New Orleans to speak to residents about his new order.