The National Capital Planning Agency (NCPOA) says that the California Travel Restrictions (CTR) will go into effect on Thursday, October 7th.

The new rules are meant to protect public health, while keeping the public safe.

The rules will require travellers to take a pre-planned pre-flight checklist and ensure they’re taking their medications correctly.

They will also make sure you’re not eating out, or drinking alcohol.

The CTR will be applied to people travelling from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Ventura, Imperial County, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, according to the CTPA.

It will also affect residents in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, as well as the city of Richmond.

The restrictions will be in effect from 9am PT on Thursday until midnight, October 6th, at which point people are required to leave their hotel rooms.

You will need to check in to your hotel at the time you’re supposed to leave.

The National Capital Transit Authority (NCTA), which oversees the Capital Region, says the new rules will take effect from 11:59pm PT on Wednesday, October 5th. 

They will also be in place from 9pm PT Friday until midnight on Wednesday October 5.

The NCPOA says it has already received over 1,100,000 calls from people affected by the new restrictions.

People will need at least a day to prepare for the new CTRs.

The agency says people should check into their hotel as soon as possible. 

You should also check with your local public health office for further information on your travel.

You can find out more about the CTR and other CA travel rules by visiting the NCPOA’s website. 

It’s not the first time CA travel has been affected by these rules.

Last year, the California Transportation Commission ordered hotel rooms to be emptied in the wake of a measles outbreak. 

The state also announced the start of a public health inspection of the Capital Metro.