Airliners across the US have banned the use of UberX for passenger transportation in states that voted to ban the ride-sharing service, with many other major airlines including United, Delta, and Southwest also barring UberX in their respective regions.

The ban has led to a major spike in cancellations of flights across the country, with more than 10,000 cancelled flights in Ohio alone.

“We’re concerned about the impact this will have on Ohio, and the impact it will have nationwide, and we are taking swift action to address this,” Ohio Secretary of Transportation Tom Vilsack said in a statement.

“The Trump administration’s latest executive order has now been signed into law and we expect it to have the potential to have devastating impacts on Ohioans and our economy.”

According to a tweet by UberX CEO Travis Kalanick, UberX is currently operating as a taxi service, which means it does not currently provide rides in Ohio, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

The company has been operating in Ohio for several years, but it is now banned from doing so, as is its parent company, Uber.

Uber has been forced to suspend service in Ohio due to the state’s ban on UberX, and Lyft has been allowed to operate in the state as well.

The ban was also accompanied by a number of other restrictions that the Trump administration announced on Thursday.

The order also includes a provision banning federal funds from going to any organization that promotes “a personhood policy.”

The White House later announced that this would also include “religious liberty organizations,” which are also prohibited from receiving federal funds.

Trump has previously taken steps to restrict immigration to the US, with his executive order last week instructing the Federal Communications Commission to issue a rule banning “any and all ‘discriminatory practices’ against any person or entity, including for religious or moral reasons.”