Israel will soon impose a total ban on all travel to the United States, after the White House announced on Monday that it would begin a 90-day review of all US visas, allowing people from the targeted countries to enter the country.

The US State Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said it would provide more information to the Trump administration on the ban, which will also be applied to visitors from Iran, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia.

The travel ban will take effect on March 15, two days before President Donald Trump is due to visit the United Nations General Assembly, the White Houses spokesman said.

It will also affect some of the tens of thousands of foreign nationals who are currently allowed to enter America.

The Trump administration is expected to unveil new restrictions on US visas from Iran and other countries, including Sudan and Syria, on Monday, as it seeks to quell a wave of deadly anti-Semitism in the United State.

The new restrictions are part of a broader push to prevent US Muslims from visiting Israel and the Jewish state, which is under international pressure to rein in violent anti-Israel sentiment.

Israel has been under tight restrictions on Muslims for several years, following the deadly September attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank, which killed six people.

The State Department announced in January that it was reviewing a list of some 200,000 US visas issued to Palestinians and other foreign nationals and limiting the number of them from the countries, which include Iraq, Libya and Sudan.

It said the list would be released to the Whitehouse on March 12.