New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania have all issued travel advisories this week, following Hurricane Irene. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation says that travel advisisions will be issued until 6 p.m.

EDT on Wednesday. 

Here’s what you need to know about the advisories. 


How to Get an Official New Jersey Warning: If you are traveling from one of the three New Jersey cities of Hoboken, Newark, or Jersey City, the DOT has released a travel advisory for those three locations. 

This is the first time New Jersey has issued a travel warning for a storm. 

In addition, the advisory does not apply to New Jersey Transit, NJ Transit Railroad, and the NJ Transit rail system. 


How To Get an Emergency New Jersey Alert: You can get an official New Jersey emergency travel advisory from the New York City Department of Homeland Security or the New Haven, Connecticut Department of Public Safety, or both. 

If you do not have an official warning from the above agencies, you can get a call from the National Weather Service. 


What’s the Cost of an Official NJ Travel Advisory?

An official New York state travel advisory is available for $20 to $25. 

There is no fee for issuing an emergency New Jersey advisory. 


How Long Does an Official Warning Last?

You will need to call the Department of Transport and Emergency Management (DOTEM) at 888-821-2272 to request an official state travel warning. 

Once your call is made, the official state advisory will be mailed to you by the DOTEM. 


Do You Need to Submit Documents for an Official Official New York State Travel Warning?


The DOTEM is the only agency that will issue an official travel advisory.