Luxury travel agents are reporting that travel restrictions have been lifted at some of the country’s most popular hotels and resorts.

In a statement issued Thursday, Marriott said it had “all but eliminated all travel restrictions” at its Marriot International Hotel and Resort, which houses the Hyatt Regency.

Marriott said it has now “allayed some travel restrictions at all hotels and all resorts in the country” and that travelers can now go wherever they want.

Travelers visiting the Hyatts for the first time will be able to book flights and other accommodations at Marriott’s flagship hotel.

The company also said it would start accepting credit cards and PayPal as payment options at Marroids new Hyatt Hotel & Resort in the coming days.

Traveler experience has improved at the Hybrids hotels, as well.

“Travelers will be allowed to book hotel rooms with no prior reservations, and stay at any Marriott hotel with no reservations,” the company said.

“For those planning on visiting Marriot’s international properties, we’re also easing restrictions on some of our other hotel properties to provide more flexibility for guests with travel plans,” it said.

Marriot also said that it was reducing its average wait time at its hotel, which will now be closer to six hours for an average hotel room.