New York – Restrictions on travel in New York state will be enforced beginning Monday for domestic flights between New York and New Jersey, the state Department of Transportation announced Friday.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the new rules will make the state’s airspace less accessible for aircraft and allow for fewer flights, as well as limit the number of commercial flights in the state.

He said the restrictions will apply to all flights, not just commercial.

Cuomo said New York will now be the only state to prohibit commercial flights into New Jersey.

The state also plans to begin issuing more frequent and regular commercial flights to New York.

The new rules also require passengers to show proof of identification at all times while flying, Cuomo said.

Cuomo has long criticized the Federal Aviation Administration for not enforcing restrictions against commercial airlines.

He has also complained about the state issuing more than 30,000 travel warnings in the past year, with some of those issued after the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels in March.

The New York restrictions include: Travelers will need to have valid identification when entering New York, as the federal government requires. 

Frequent flights between Manhattan and the state of New Jersey will be limited to five flights per week. 

The number of flights between the state and New York is limited to one per month. 

Domestic flights will be prohibited from departing New York or New Jersey within a five-day period, and will have to land at New York’s airport or the nearest domestic airport within 30 minutes. 

No flights from New York to the rest of the United Kingdom or from New Jersey to the United Arab Emirates will be permitted. 

Airports will be restricted to domestic flights on Saturday and Sunday. 

Commercial flights between NYC and New Orleans will not be permitted from April 17 through May 13. 

Non-commercial flights between NY and NY from May 13 through June 9 will be allowed between April 17 and May 17. 

Cities such as New York City and New Brunswick, New Jersey and Boston will also have additional restrictions.

The FAA said the regulations will go into effect on Monday, and that travelers with valid driver’s licenses and other documents will be able to board planes.