New York City and Pennsylvania on Wednesday announced new travel advisory for New Years Eve, the second time in three months the two states have imposed restrictions.

Travelers in New York and Pennsylvania who are planning to visit family in either state will need to review their plans before making the trip, a New York state Department of Transportation official said.

The official said the new travel advice, which applies to travelers planning to travel in New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania, will go into effect Wednesday.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf also announced they will issue new travel restrictions.

The two governors said they will be traveling to New Jersey and New York for the inauguration of President Donald Trump and their next meetings are scheduled for Dec. 15.

The governors announced the new restrictions because of the heightened threat of terrorism from Syria.

Both governors are members of Trump’s transition team.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said in a statement the new rules will keep people safe and promote security.

“We have always had a strong safety record and are proud of that record, and we look forward to working with our new government to help protect New Yorkers and New Jerseyans, while protecting the American people,” Christie said.

“New Jersey has always been a welcoming state, and the state will continue to do everything it can to ensure safety and security during New Years celebrations.”

Cuomo and Wolf issued the new guidelines after a deadly attack in Garland, Texas, in late January.

The governor ordered that all New York airports be closed, a day after he was briefed on the case.

In a statement Wednesday, Cuomo said the move was designed to reduce the number of terrorist-related attacks and make the New York State and New Yorker communities safer.

“While we cannot control every aspect of life, we can ensure that New Yorkers, New Jerseyers, and Americans feel safe when we do have our New Years festivities in place,” Cuomo said.