New rules will tighten the restrictions on golf.

They will require golfers to wear full protective gear while playing and a new round of testing will be conducted for golf clubs.

The tests are being done in the US, but the US has strict rules for golfers who play abroad.

A new round in the UK will also be held on May 10.

There is a 10-year ban on golf from July 1, 2020.

There will be a new US golf course on the Pacific island of Oahu that is due to open in 2021.

Golf in Australia has been banned since 2020.

It will now be allowed if a US-based golf course has been built or approved.

A US golf club that has been approved for use on Oahu can apply for a permit to hold a golf tournament there, but this will be subject to a two-year process.

A Golf Australia spokesman said there was a two year period for the US to finalise its approval.

The US Golf Association has welcomed the change and said the changes would help to protect golfers around the world.

“The US Golf Course Tour is the largest and most important golf tournament in the world and continues to be a global draw for many thousands of participants, and we are very pleased that the US Government is making this change to make sure we can continue to provide our fans with the best and most competitive golf tournament available anywhere in the World,” the golf association said in a statement.

A golf tournament will be held in the Pacific Island of Oau on May 9.

The event will be run by the Pacific Golf Association, a non-profit organisation.

The PGA will provide a live broadcast of the event and will be available online.

It is scheduled for May 8 at Oahu’s Kahala Golf Course.

Golf is already a popular pastime in Australia, with some players choosing to take part in it because of its low cost.

In the US golf, there is an annual cost of about $600,000.