With Jay Co.’s NFL travel trailers set to hit stores following their Super Bowl win, some are asking why no one is telling fans how to make their own.

The NFL said Tuesday that its official travel trailer supplier, Jayco, will now distribute the devices on its website and in stores.

The company was in talks with Jayco to create a mobile app that could stream the trailer to iPhone and Android devices, according to NFL vice president of marketing Jay D. Harris.

The app will be “very, very similar to the trailer app on the site,” Harris said.

The trailer app, Harris said, will include features such as the ability to quickly and easily share and manage your trailer with your friends.

And the app will have a number of other features that will make it easier for fans to find the trailer they want to watch.

“The trailer apps that Jayco will be creating will have an element of the trailer on the home page, the trailer, the player profile, and the navigation system that will enable people to quickly find the video they want,” Harris told a media briefing.

Jayco, a subsidiary of Jayco Worldwide Holdings, had been in talks for a few years to buy the NFL’s mobile app and the trailer product, Harris told reporters at the conference.

He declined to provide more details on what the deal would look like.

The Jayco trailer app will not include features that are currently available on the mobile app, but Harris said the company plans to add more features to the app that will be more compelling to fans.

“We are excited about the potential that this app has,” Harris added.

While Jayco’s mobile application has been widely embraced by fans, it has also been a target of critics who believe the app doesn’t have the depth and breadth of content the company has been touting.

Jay Co., which is owned by Amazon, has faced criticism in recent years for its inability to provide comprehensive coverage of the NFL.

For example, the company said the app had “not yet been redesigned.”

The Jay Co trailer app is a combination of features on the Jayco mobile app plus the trailer itself, and it will be a better app for fans, Harris added, though he did not elaborate.

The trailers are now available in more than 70 cities, Harris announced.

In the coming months, more than 100 cities will have trailers available.

Harris said that there are plans to launch a website for the trailer that will feature trailers for fans who want to share their trailers with friends, but he declined to offer details on that project.