ALASKA — The U.S. travel restrictions on Alaska’s northern shores were lifted Monday, bringing the total number of U.M. flights to Alaska back to a pre-travel peak of more than 1,400 in July.

The Associated Press reported that flights from Anchorage to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage and Anchorage to Anchorage were up to 1,900 on Sunday, while those from San Francisco to Anchorage on Monday were up by about a third.

Airlines have been flying to Anchorage in large numbers, but have been taking shorter trips in an effort to limit disruptions on U.P. flights.

Alaska Airlines said Monday that its total number for the month of June was 2,547.

On Monday, Alaska Airlines announced a number of changes to its Alaska travel program, including extending the Alaska Day and the Alaska Air and Commercial Pass to the second Monday in April, and adding three days in March for the opening of Alaska Day on April 21.