Japanese travel restrictions lifted as airline launches new route for overseas visitors

JAPAN AIRLINES (Reuters) – Japanese airlines have begun rolling out new routes to allow travel from overseas to Japan’s major cities, with the aim of boosting tourism and reducing the impact of the country’s nuclear disaster.The world’s third-largest economy has reopened several airports after being shut down for three days following the March 11 earthquake […]

When are dodgy travellers barred from the UK?

A week after the government banned travellers from the United Kingdom from using the UK’s airspace, dodgy foreigners are again being allowed to enter.The British Transport Police (BTP) says that, since February 1, the number of flights booked through its systems has increased from 587 to 853.However, the BTP says that this has been due […]

Why the California travel mug fiasco is getting even worse

The latest from California.Read More The latest from the state is a flurry of travel mug laws passed by the legislature that were supposed to be intended to deter muggers, but they actually serve to discourage travel by those who need to travel the most.This isn’t the first time that California has enacted travel mug […]

Alaska travel restrictions are lifted, tourist stock is up, airline stocks are up

ALASKA — The U.S. travel restrictions on Alaska’s northern shores were lifted Monday, bringing the total number of U.M. flights to Alaska back to a pre-travel peak of more than 1,400 in July.The Associated Press reported that flights from Anchorage to Seattle, Seattle to Anchorage and Anchorage to Anchorage were up to 1,900 on Sunday, […]

How to make sure you’re getting the best deals when you travel

The best deals on travel are always going to be the cheapest and most convenient ones, according to Travelocity CEO and founder Matt Mullins.He made that point as he presented the company’s latest Travelocity Deals for 2018 list, which was published Tuesday.This is not a list of the best or cheapest travel deals on the […]

How to stay safe while traveling abroad with floridas travel restrictions

A floridas travel restrictions list is a must for traveling in floridelas country of destination.It will give you an idea of the floridian regulations in each state.This list has been compiled to make it easy for you to find floridados travel restrictions.You can also find floran travel restriction in your country of origin.To find flora […]

Travel restrictions for domestic travel in the United States

New York – Restrictions on travel in New York state will be enforced beginning Monday for domestic flights between New York and New Jersey, the state Department of Transportation announced Friday.New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the new rules will make the state’s airspace less accessible for aircraft and allow for fewer flights, as well […]

When you’re traveling the country for work and love, renting out your own trailer for your next trip is an easy way to save money on rental car costs

When you are traveling the world for work or love, you may find yourself renting out a cabin or hotel room for your upcoming trip.That is the case for many of the top travel trailers on the market.You can rent out your cabin or a hotel room to travel with and enjoy your time on […]

Which golf travel trailer is best?

The Golf Travel Trailer is a brand new travel trailer.It’s made by Lance Travel.It has some very good reviews.I got the Golf Travel trailer as part of the launch bundle at the beginning of this year and I loved it.There were some issues with the design of the product but the trailer itself was very […]

How to be a Travel Agent

By Jeff BealePublished June 30, 2019 12:05:03For the past decade, the travel industry has seen a dramatic decline in bookings.Bookings are down nearly 40% in the past year alone, according to research firm iBookSource: iBook Author: Jeff BealesEditor: Emily DeLucaSource: USA Today

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