Travel destinations in India have always been known for their exotic locations and exotic food.

The world’s largest and most populous country now has a reputation as a destination that welcomes travelers from all over the world, and it seems like everyone loves it.

But, what makes India special is the fact that travelers are welcomed here.

The country is home to some of the world’s oldest and most visited temples and monasteries, as well as some of its most vibrant cultures.

India is the second-largest country in the world by population, and has more than a million museums, art galleries, and other cultural sites, and is home the largest population of Indians abroad, after China.

It is also the third-largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, and one of the fastest growing economies in the developing world.

While India has a lot of potential to grow in the future, it is hard to ignore its problems with overcrowding and poor infrastructure.

In a country with a population of nearly 300 million people, India’s infrastructure is not always up to par.

Many of its major roads and bridges are crumbling.

Even India’s most popular tourist destinations like Pune and Jaipur are struggling to cope with growing demand.

“The Indian government is always trying to improve the infrastructure, but it doesn’t always work out,” said Preeti Gupta, a travel agent based in India.

“There are too many bad bridges in Pune, and Jaibagh is in bad shape.

There is no infrastructure to go and see the Taj Mahal.

The roads are so bad that it is a real struggle to get there.”

Gupta says she was told by a travel agency to check out India’s tourist resorts in Rajasthan because it was the second most popular destination for people.

“We did our homework and decided to go,” she said.

Gupta said that although her agency was able to find a few hotels, they were often booked months ahead.

She added that she was aware of the problems of overcrowding, but the problems were too much for her to handle alone.

“You need to find someone who can handle your travel,” she added.

Guap said that even though she was a travel agents, she felt uncomfortable working in India, as the people there were “not friendly.”

Guap says the problem of overcrowded infrastructure is even worse in the city of Jaipura, a popular tourist destination in India’s Punjab state.

“In Jaipu, the roads are clogged, and they have to wait for hours for people to get on them,” she told MTV News.

“In the morning, there is not enough traffic to get to the airport.”

India is home of the highest number of people per capita in the Middle East and Africa.

The majority of them live in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, where the number of tourists visiting has increased steadily.

But there are also rural areas in the country like Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim that are not so friendly to visitors.

Many Indians travel to other countries on tourist visas, but travel agencies are not allowed to do so.

In India, only three of the top 20 tourist destinations in the World have a visa program, according to a 2014 report from the International Tourism Bureau.

Guep said she is not aware of any official visa for Jaipurs visitors.

“It is hard for us to get visa,” she explained.

“The whole process is not easy.”

A number of popular hotels in India are in disrepair.

In the city where many of India’s largest temples are located, many of the hotels are in the middle of disrepair, including the one at the center of the issue.

In Jaisalmer, a city in Rajastan district of Uttar Pradesh, there are nearly a dozen hotels that are in “repair.”

“They are in horrible shape, and some of them have boarded up,” said one resident.

“Many of the rooms are not clean.

The toilets are filthy, and the water is stagnant.”

Guep also says that she has been told that the city’s tourism bureau does not do much to make sure that the hotels in Jaipuri are maintained.

“They do not take any responsibility for these hotels,” she observed.

“It is not a big issue in Jaisalmers tourism bureau,” Gupta said.

“People in Jaiswal do not even complain about it.

But it is not so easy to fix things.

It can be difficult for people in Jaeswal to get a job and earn money, especially in the tourism industry.”

Guptas travel agent told MTV that her agency only provides booking services to hotels in the Jaipoor region, but they are not able to help tourists who want to stay longer in Jaipalpur and nearby areas.