Traveling to places like Las Vegas or New Orleans is cheap and fun.

But the price tag for a hotel room in the Big Easy is more than $50,000.

So what are some of the best ways to save even more?


Get a free hotel room: There are many hotels within walking distance of many of the Big Apple’s most popular attractions, including the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

A free hotel stay at one of these hotels is just $25.

To save even $25 more, try a hotel in another state.

There are dozens of cheap and reliable hotels around the country, from inexpensive resorts to the pricier hotels in the suburbs.

And if you want to save some cash, try to book a room online or with an agent.

These hotels are generally cheaper than hotels near major attractions.


Find cheap travel credit: While there are many online credit cards that can be used for travel, the best credit cards are those offered by the travel credit companies Travelocity and TravelDirect.

They have some of a cheaper interest rate, too, but they can still be more expensive than other travel credit cards.


Save on hotel parking: Many hotels are located near major public transportation routes and are often located in or near major shopping areas, where they can charge more than the normal rate.

To help save even less money, find a parking spot near your hotel or get directions to it.

If you have to walk a long distance, park in a lot that’s nearby.


Take advantage of hotel discounts: If you can find a hotel that has a discount, it’s a great way to save more than you would by paying the normal hotel rate.

For example, if you rent a room in a hotel near the University of Nevada, Reno campus, you can save $50 a night by booking online and using the discount code VEBUX for the room rate.

You can also try to get a discount on your room and have it discounted to as low as $15 a night if you have the right credit card.


Book travel tickets at the airport: If the airport is within walking or biking distance, it can be cheaper to buy a ticket than a hotel, although you might want to look into the option of buying your hotel room there.


Buy travel insurance: If your trip involves flights or hotels outside the US, the most expensive trip you can make in 2018 is a one-way ticket.

But it may not be as cheap as it could be.

For one-ways, the cheapest option is to buy the travel insurance policy from the airline that you will be flying with.

To find out how much it will cost you, take a look at this handy website that gives you an idea of how much your coverage could be in 2018.


Check for discounts at the airline: It’s important to make sure you’re buying the right travel insurance when you book a ticket for travel.

Most airlines charge a 10% surcharge for international flights, which can add up to $10,000 in the short term.

It’s worth considering if you’re booking flights for a family or a large group.

You might be able to get an extra $20,000 or more by booking a one way ticket.

To check if the airline offers a 10-percent discount, call them up. 9.

Use the airline app to book your flight: If there is a discounted rate, you could save even money by booking your flight through the airline’s app, or even from your phone.

You may find that it’s easier to find a cheaper flight and get the correct price by using a smart phone app.

For an example, you might find a 10 percent discount on a flight to Boston and a 20 percent discount at a stopover in San Francisco.

You could save $20 by booking through a flight search app.


Take an airport shuttle: A great way for families and small groups to save on flights is to take a shuttle bus.

The cost is less than the usual airline fare, and the cost is usually cheaper than the hotel fare.

The trip will cost a few dollars more than a normal airline ticket, but it’s not too bad.


Buy a hotel gift card: If one of the things you’re going to spend the most on is a gift card, you may want to consider getting one from a hotel.

There’s usually a $50 hotel giftcard or $100 hotel gift credit, which are available at nearly any hotel in the United States.

You should always check the website of the hotel before making your reservation, so you don’t miss out on the most economical way to spend your gift card.


Use a credit card with a travel agency: Some hotels are offering credit cards to people who rent rooms.

This is an option for those who want to spend more money, but might be a little less secure than