Air travel is one of the main reasons for people to get out of the UK for Christmas.

But for those looking to get away for a holiday, it can be an ordeal.

The BBC has compiled a list of the top 10 ways to avoid an air travel nightmare.

They include: 1.

Traveling to a country where the air traffic control system is not working.

This is usually because the aircrafts systems are not working properly.

It’s also a common cause of delays when travelling between the UK and Europe. 


Travel to a holiday destination where you may be denied entry. 


Travelling to a foreign country, even though you have a valid travel document.


Travel as a guest to a friend or family member who has an emergency.


Going to a place that is not a country that allows air travel and you have an air ticket.


Travel by air to places that are not listed on a travel document that has been approved by the airport.


Travel using the airlines website.


Travel through airport security.


Travel with a passenger in a wheelchair.


Travel on the internet without having a passport or other identification.

How to avoid air travel: 1, Do not travel unless you are a UK national.

This means that you cannot travel unless there is a valid UK travel document and you must pass a security check.

2, If you are travelling by air, make sure you have checked in at the airport prior to your flight. 

3, If there is an emergency on board, the airlines advice is to ensure that everyone on board is able to board their flight as soon as possible.

4, Ensure that you have all of the relevant documents before you board. 

5, If your flight is to be operated by a UK carrier, you should be able to prove you are not an expatriate.

If you have done this and the airline is happy to allow you to board, they will accept your passport as proof. 

6, If the flight is operated by another country, you must present a valid visa. 

7, The airline will not accept a passport if it has been issued by the UK. 8, The airlines is not responsible for any damages that might occur. 

9, If a flight is cancelled, there will be a 30-minute delay to allow the airline to repair any damage to the aircraft.

10, When you travel overseas, always check the country’s travel regulations first.

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